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Trouble Don’t Last Always

How quickly can one decision turn your life upside down? Maureen Mason can answer that question. Her life will never be the same after reconnecting with her son’s father. That decision leaves her convicted, confused, and questioning her faith. Her connection with the Lord and feelings about herself spiral as she tries to process the status of their relationship.

Then, when she least expects it, a man she has admired from afar finally shows interest. What should she do?! Should she explore this opportunity with a new man or work to resolve her feelings about her ex? How did she become a part of this crazy love triangle, and how will she find her way out?

Join Maureen as she navigates through life, relationships, and faith to rediscover herself, her truth, and why Trouble Don’t Last Always.

Speak Life Moments: A Transformational Journey

The Power of life and death is in your tongue! (Proverbs 18:21)

In this thought-provoking 21 day transformational devotional, get ready to restore & renew:
Your Joy
Your Peace

Join Sherry Jones as she challenges you to SPEAK LIFE over your yourself and your circumstances today!